Frugal for Life was started 6 years ago and has gone through a couple different inceptions over the years, this is the current concept of FFL. I originally started this site to keep track of all the good tips and websites I came across as I became more ‘Frugal for Life’, and now I hope to take the site in a new direction that is more personal.
To summarize up to this point, I had to live a frugal life when I got out on my own and didn’t do a good enough job of controlling my expenses, which eventually led to filing bankruptcy because it was so out of control. It even got so bad that I was borrowing money from payday loans and pawning off goods; so I understand the spiraling hole and depression that can come from those types of loans and debt.

What finally woke me up was reading the “The Complete Tightwad Gazette” from cover to cover and realizing that not only did I remember my parents teaching me many of those tips, but that it was not to late and I could start right now getting myself back on track with proper habits.

It’s not always an easy road, there are times I don’t always follow my own advice when I should, but that is why I named the site Frugal for Life. This is an ongoing endeavor and one that I enjoy and wanted to share with whoever would read it by setting up this blog.

Frugal living for me is:
~It is living below your means; living on 80% of your pay instead of 100-110%
~It is being conscious of your spending and making sure it is a need and not a want
~It is giving yourself time to research the best deal so you don’t waste money
~It is seeing treasure in items with as much as you can imagine using your creativity 
*It is not living a life you dread waking up to
*It is not thinking that money controls you, but instead you control it
*It is not about what works for you will automatically work for everyone else
I hope this site conveys to you my good times and bad, my thoughts and frustrations and my hopes and dreams as I live frugal for life.


Disclaimer: Though I talk about finances and frugal tips; I am by far no expert and I have not tested out every idea, tip or money idea. That being said - You have been warned that you are on your own.

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