The Festival of Frugality has been around for almost 5 years (Dec. 2005) and Frugal for Life has been around since Nov. 2004, though due to a "duh-me" moment, you only have archives from Nov. 2008. Time passes so quickly and it is fun, sobering and enlightening to go over the archives and see what was important to us at the time.

For this edition of the festival of frugality I want to take a walk through the submissions in order the blog was started (based on what I could find), from newest baby blogs to the "old guy" blogs. Enjoy!
The links with a star ☆ are the articles that interested me.

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The Half-Off Diet - The Frugalist Asks: Should You Throw Away Food?

 Spruce Up Your Finances - Understanding Tax Credits

Richly Reasonable - Money, Saving, Living, Playing -  The Problem with Easy Money

 My Life after Layoff - Variations On A Frugal Theme

Provident Planning - Personal Finance Bible Study: Contentment (Part 7 of 12) – Practical Applications

Debt Assistance Guru - The Insiders Guide To Cutting Your Cell Phone Expenses

Surviving and Thriving - The blackberry gavotte

Wealth Informatics - Taking a 401k loan – Rules and limits

☆ Squirrelers - Shameless Frugality or Just Plain Weird?

My Personal Finance Journey - "High-End" and "Value" Pricing Strategies on Consumer Goods

Control Your Cash - Lower fees through prevarication


☆ ShopGala Blog - 16 Unbelievable Shopping Disasters Caught on Tape

Live Real, Now - Selling Your Home: The Real Estate Agent

Obsessed Analytic - A Personal Credit Score Designed for You

☆ Wanderlust Journey - Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines Shareholder Benefits

Find My Car Seat - How to Save Money on Diapers

Rabbit Funds - HOW TO: Dejunk your home, sell stuff, and be happier


PadBlog - Rental Insurance for Apartments – Do All Renters Really Need It?

Family Balance Sheet - How To Make Iced Coffee

Money Beagle - Don't Be Wasteful When Shopping In Bulk

Money Obedience - Save Money with 2 Rules to Negotiate for a Good Bargain

Passive Family Income - How to Start Saving Money on Food Expenses

Budgets are sexy - Don’t Know What to Make of These “Coupon Books”


Free from broke - 9 Ways For Students To Get Textbooks For Less

Move to Portugal - Reader Question: Do you make your own bread?

Christian Personal Finance - How Do You Avoid Cell Phone Bill Overcharges?

☆ Dough Roller - Comcast Has Lost My Business Forever

PTMoney - Frugal Travel to New York: My $400 3-Night Trip


My Wealth Builder - Look or Ask for a Coupon

The Digerati life - How A Good Insurance Agent Helps Cut Insurance Costs

Dual Income, No Kids - Should You Buy or Lease a Car

Flickr/cc - Dru Bloomfield - At Home in Scottsdale
2005 (or For-ehv-ver)

☆ Free Money Finance - Where You Buy Something Makes a Big Difference in Cost

Canadian Personal Finance Blog - Dumber Than Snake Mittens

Bargaineering - Calculate Your Monthly Freedom Day

Dewey's Treehouse - Abundance of the heart...on the many ways of looking at money

Thank you for reading this week's Festival of frugality. Get your articles in early for next week, it will be hosted at Canadian Finance. Also, let Jim know if you are interested in hosting as well. A bit of work, but a great way to get your blog out there.
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    Oct 2008 seems so long ago.

    Thanks for hosting and including my post.

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    Didn't realize there were so many blogs back in the day.

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    Thanks for including the Control Your Cash post, and indirectly encouraging consumers to lie through their teeth.

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    @Control Your Cash
    I aim to please - even in the grey areas

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    Very original idea and kinda fun to see where we fall into place. Thanks for the include!

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