The sites I check out for audio books are:
LibriVox catalog- The only downside is that I like to search by topic, so this takes a bit of time to go through
Audio Books For Free - has the books broken down into fiction, non-fiction and other subcategories
Free Classic Audio Books - has only three pages, but I found one I liked and downloaded
Project Gutenberg Audio - a long list, organized a bit better, but not by category
Learn out Loud - some audio and video that can be downloaded. Some hard to find audios as well
Podcasts for news, concerts, info:
NPR: Podcast directory - Some good stuff from the last couple of years.
– Favorite: Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!
Podcast directory - quite a variety, has many podcasts that are old and haven’t been updated in years.
This American Life - “There’s a theme to each episode, and a variety of stories on that theme. It’s mostly true stories of everyday people, though not always.”
These are other sites that I use online:
Live365 - A wide variety of stations from movie scores to military radio, from sermons to wedding music; they seriously have it all. The only downside is that the popular stations fill up early and you have to buy a monthly VIP pass to get access and not have any ads
Yahoo radio - Good for both radio and videos, some free stations, play mostly the same popular music unless you set up your own station, which is free
Pandora - Easy to use music site, able to fast forward (a few times), seems to work on most any computer.
Last.FM - The competitor to Pandora. I find it frustrating to use, but many people swear by it. No commercials and can launch in it’s own little radio window. - A reader turned me on to this site, a good source for independent music artists. Not always categorized correctly in my opinion, but generally well done. You can be notified of new songs uploaded by your favorite artists.
Free MP3's from - There are some good finds here, I like the classical ones myself, but they have rap and blues, etc.
Radio Station locater - If you prefer to listen to your local station on the computer and don’t remember the call letters. Appears to be updated well, as they don’t have a local smooth jazz station that went off the air a few weeks ago. They have AM and FM station, but not all stations have an online presence.
Word of Truth Radio - Great site for instrumental christian music for hymns and modern music.

BBC Radio - Music and News from around the world. A great way to get away from the same old thing.
NPR - Most NPR stations are available online as well. Find your local one and tune in.

Old time Radio
Old-Time Radio Shows - Listen to hours of X Minus 1, Burns and Allen, The Shadow, Gunsmoke and more. Hasn’t been updated for a few months.
Radio Lovers - They have a nice list from Unsolved Mysteries, Wings to Victory, Father Knows Best and more
Old Time Radio News - Among some of the items they have; you can listen to old news stories and major events
Radio Nostalgia - Regularly updated site with old time radio shows, game shows, old sporting events and more. Downloadable to your ipod, cd, or computer for listening to later.
What else have I forgotten?
CBC (Canadian Broadcasting) Radio podcasts
Download live concert music
Dance Music Radio Internet Radio