I have found money through missingmoney.com a couple of times. One year I got a $15 check from an old utility company that I hadn't used in over 5 years and recently I got money back (over $100) from the state on a payment I made 10 years ago. So surprises do pop-up enough that I check every year to see if there is anything 'lost' that has my name on it.

$ MissingMoney.com - supported by 40 of 50 states to find lost money through your State. If your state isn't listed also try NAUPA's Web site . They deal with money, jewelry, and property. Also try the common mis-spellings of your name as well.

$$ Tax Refunds – Can you believe there are people who forgot they had a refund? You should be receiving your refund 28 days after the date you sent in your taxes. Go to Where's My Refund to find out if you have some moolah from an earlier year waiting for you. You will need your social security number, filing status and the amount of refund. If you don't know the amount call 1-800-829-4477

$$$ TreasuryHunt - Run by the Treasury Department it is the perfect place to see if your old savings bonds have matured yet. They say that over 14 million dollars in matured savings bonds are waiting to be redeemed by their owners. If you no longer have any savings bonds, you can contact them through the site by giving your name and social security number so they can look it up. It can take up to 4 weeks to get the information back, via regular mail only.

$$$$ Pensions – I'm not surprised if people are not aware they may have money coming from a company that they worked for, some companies just don't promote their pensions well enough. You may be eligible for a pension from a company that was bought out by another company or if the company went bankrupt. You can check if you get some of the 75 million dollars that is unclaimed by check out the PBGC database.


And if you have an old FHA refund coming to you, do your check here: HUD Refunds

As an added bonus you can check GovBenefits.gov to see if a student, veteren, single parent or disaster survivor may be qualified to get some additional 'free money' help. The paperwork can be a pain in the neck, but if you qualify it can be welcomed assistance.


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