1. If you have been booted off of a freecycle group for a rule that you weren't aware of…
2. If you have been booted off of freecycle because you didn't post your request or offer exactly right…
3. If you have walked away from freecycle because people have broken rules by selling the items they get…
4. If you have walked away from freecycle because your area has gotten too large to manage...

There is now an alternative out there that is more like the way freecycle was when it was young: The ReUseIt Network

My Mom is part of a few freecycle groups in Iowa as a way to help out different internationals in our hometown (Isn't she cool!) and she received a notice from one moderator who let the group know that they were fed up with the freecycle rules and finickiness by moving over to the ReUseIt Network:

"We are Iowans… firm believers in recycling, and reducing our human footprint in todays world. Thats what we gonna do here.. with no one but us as a group to decide how we want to do things… Lets get back to our main goal. That's recycling!"

Now signing up for this network won't mean that people will show up when they say they will or that greed will go away. But it is, currently, a smaller group (my group has 5 people in it) that allows you to get to know people a bit quicker.

There are also groups for UK, Australia, Canada and other regions as well.

From the ReUseIt About Page:
Find and join your local group to start reducing clutter in your space and helping someone else acquire what they are looking for! Simply list the item that you wish to give away and wait for someone to respond saying that he or she is interested in taking the item. Some people like to wait 24 hours before selecting the person to whom the item will be given. Others simply go with the first person who answers. How you choose is up to you.

Items don't have to be in pristine condition, and in some cases can be non-working. Some people like to tinker with the odd appliance, refinish furniture, or need a part to make something work. You may have just what they are looking for! This is a great opportunity to offer or ask for things that may be out of date, out of style, or out of circulation. We do ask that you be honest and up-front about the condition of all items offered.

There you go, an alternative to freecycle that you may not know about — The ReUseIt Network. Link also available on the right hand column under "Free Classifieds


  1. Anonymous // Saturday, February 06, 2010 4:51:00 PM  

    Also checkout http://www.ReuseMoose.com
    A brand new online recycling service and the best Freecycle alternative I have found so far. These guys are just getting started but it looks very promising!