There is nothing better than picking up something that someone else has tossed as un-useful and finding a good use for it. Ok, maybe also the fact that it is paid for (or free).

Embracing the Thrift-Store Ethic: 18 Top Tips for Buying Used Clothes - My personal favorites are numbers 4,5, 12,13 and 18.

A new batch of bloggers - The thrifty chicks put together their list of 35 ways to make thrift shopping a routine and I am a fan of number #19 -- "Some cheaters attempt to hide merchandise in hopes they can grab it later at an upcoming half price sale. That’s one reason to poke and prod the shelves, which leads to the next item."

And along that same vein of thrift store buying a question pops up; "Are Thrifty Store Shoes Safe to Wear?" - Personally for me, I don't pick up shoes unless they look really, really new. For instance I bought a brand new pair of flip-flops but when I got home I still tossed them in the washing machine.

HE TURNS TIN CANS INTO MONEY (Apr, 1956) - It funny to see the light bulb go off and the expressions at times when people think of these cool ideas and then realize that others have been doing it for years.

The Culture of Throwing Away Anything Not Perfect - I've always had a bit of the same fear, what if the person who trashed this stuff comes to their senses and realizes that they can re-use it or fix it and wants this tossed item back? Hmm, maybe this could be rule 12 of dumpster diving; Be willing to give it back.