The usual fight is going on in my life, balancing the quality of life with the quantity(price) and trying to find the best way to work those things into my life. There are even some days when I just want to think about it and just do my own thing, of course then I come back to reality and need to be smart about my finances and the priorities in my life.

Because of this internal conversation, these are the links that jumped out to me recently with a tweak on my own perspective among other ideas.


The Flying Pie Pizzaria takes their employees to Costa Rica: The trip has been 13 years in the making. About 10 percent of workers’ tips have been set aside for what was originally conceived as an excursion to Hawaii.

Why “survival panic” is good: But Vaccaro said the downturn could be a time for shoppers to pause and study what they are attempting to achieve or what void they are attempting to fill by spending.

“We don’t buy products, we buy feelings,” Vaccaro said. “We’re buying the anticipation of the feeling that we think that product or service is going to give us.”

One Woman’s Confession: I HATE SUBURBIA (Sep, 1965): Yes. I’ve been a long-term resident of the suburbs,” the attractive woman next to me replied in answer to my question. Her brown eyes seethed with excitement. “And I think the word ‘term’ is very appropriate. It’s been almost a jail sentence!”

6 ways to save on continuing education for Adults: And there's no reason the cost of additional education has to fall on your shoulders alone, especially if you're an older worker. Here are six ways that age can help you land financial aid