This last week has been a stressful one trying to figure out what the insurance company will cover as my partner heads to the hospital for an 8th back surgery (second fusion) and what they won't cover - or their price limits.

This last week we got word that the surgical team canceled the surgery and we will be putting the surgery off for a couple of months as health gets a bit better.

After all of this, I have learned that stress is a wonderful motivator to get things done but that at some point you just have to let God take care of it and stop worrying... sometimes the horrible ideas that we think will happen, never will.

I'm always hesitant about saving money by buying reconditioned items, but then the comment was brought up that I buy used from craigslist, at least I have a company checking the item out and backing it up.

Every time I go grocery shopping at King Soopers (kroger) or Safeway, I like to check their expired, dented bins in the back of the store. But Frugal Village has put together a wonderful list of Salvage Grocery stores by state and their is one in my 30 mile radius.
If you know of one that is not listed, sign up in their forum and let them know so they can update.

Since February is canned food month I thought I would bring the following item to your attention from the website
Canned food: How long can you safely keep it? Commercially prepared canned food has a fairly long shelf life but is broken down into high-acid and low-acid foods.

And last but not least, I like this reader tip from the

Weightier Matters

I found one brand of toilet paper cheaper than the one I usually buy. All the specs were right regarding ply and quality, but the product itself was much lighter than the one I normally buy. I began using it and discovered that the roll lasted a fifth of the time that the one I normally buy does..... I paid a few cents more for heavier garbage bags, but discovered they were much stronger than the lighter-weight ones. I also discovered the same thing with sandwich bags and freezer bags.