Cheap living isn't as easy to do as I would have thought it was. Oh sure, I could live cheaply by being a leech and living off of others kindness or skipping out on bills, but that is not the kind of cheap I am talking about, that seems to be more of a cheap*ss who has no character.

The cheap living I speak of is one that involves patience, integrity, timing and bit of luck.

Patience: To be cheap and yet get consumables that I need or want, I need patience to wait it out.

Currently I need to upgrade my table and chairs, the current one I have is slowly breaking down because it wasn't made well. To find these table and chairs I am watching the dumpster and searching craigslist to get a low price on a quality set, so far I haven't found what I wanted but I know I will eventually.

Integrity: When I do find a great deal I want to make sure this will be a win-win for both the seller and myself, I will feel better about it.

Last year I bought a brand new recliner from an older lady who let it slip that she tried to sell the recliner for $40 dollars and no one took it, but was glad someone came to get it for the $25 she offered for it. Since it was only a $15 difference and the chair was brand new, never sat in. I didn't feel the price was that big of a deal, so I paid her the $40 and she was happy and I felt good about helping her out a little.

Timing: Just when it appears you are on the last straw, things seem to work out.

A few years back my dresser drawers were falling apart, a dresser I bought new from a local retail store and I needed a replacement. Well two days after taking the dresser to the dumpster in my complex, I stumbled across an old, well made dresser sitting right there at the dumpster waiting for me.

I guess you could call that a bit of luck as well, but overall when I want to live cheaply I make sure I use my patience, buy with integrity and realize that timing and luck have a hand in the process as well.

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  1. Lightening // Friday, March 13, 2009 10:48:00 PM  

    It is sad the fact that some people lose all integrity in the face of trying to be "frugal". Great points!

  2. Anonymous // Sunday, March 15, 2009 8:21:00 PM  


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    xoxo - Shauntelle @ A Beautiful Abode

  3. Jerry // Friday, March 20, 2009 7:53:00 AM  

    We do the same thing and it's nice to see someone else doing it, too. Patience leads to getting what you need/want. We also keep a look out at all times for things that we're looking for. It's not insurance you'll get *everything* you need but just about.