My trouble, my partner says, is that "you will sell anything that isn't nailed down". Initially when that was mentioned to me I bristled and got defensive; but after thinking about it I realized it was probably pretty close to the truth and this is why I have this attitude:

1. If I can borrow or rent the item, then there is very little out there that I NEED to own.
2. If I can buy it at a used price, then if I get rid of my item and I find I need it a year or two later I can pick it up at that time.
3. I dislike clutter that just sits there and gathers dust. I would rather dust empty shelves than books that I will never read again.
4. If I can find someone else who can use the item then it makes me feel good.

I figure that the less I have, the less I worry about where to put it or keeping it up in case I need it again or even keeping it safe so no one steals it. I like having only the essentials/necessities for my day to day life and the occasional diversion. When I drove out to Colorado from Iowa, I was able to pack everything in the car and still be able to see out the back window; it was a joy to be able to only have a small amount of possessions. Beyond all of that the rest was icing on the cake.
These days the only time I purge is when we move or when I come to my wits end seeing the stuff around. It's a wonderful feeling to get rid of items by either making a little money back or giving it to someone who can use it.

How often do you purge your possessions?


I thought this post (Six Baccarat Tumblers) over at The Thrifty Chicks was worth re-reading as it speaks to me about accumulating things over time and how thrift is a verb... I'll let them explain.

I've seen a number of site that explain how to make your own cleaners and laundry detergant - but this is the first site I've seen that show how to make your own deodorant. I doubt I will make my own since I always seem to get a free with coupons, but this may come in handy if I was allergic to aluminum.


  1. Teri // Saturday, March 21, 2009 3:49:00 PM  

    I went from an 880 sq ft house to a travel trailer. Most of my things have been in storage for three years, in a shed. I just moved them out and am going to start going through all of it. Most of it will be given away or taken to the dump. I will keep only things I feel will be useful or beautiful. I really love purging through my things. I wish I could take it down even more. I toyed with the idea of having everything I own fit into 7 trunks. I still seem to have too many knitting books for that. I wish people understood just how much their possessions weight them down.

  2. Dawn // Saturday, March 21, 2009 9:02:00 PM  

    There is most certainly a wonderful feeling, a lightness when you purge the unnecessary from your life.