If you look at the picture below, which plate would you chose to eat your meal with? On the left side is a larger plate and cup and on the right is a smaller plate and cup. If you chose the plate and cup on the left, you chose the serving size of the average American.

Let’s say you chose the plate and cup on the right instead. Not only would you decrease the amount of food you eat, thus keeping your weight down, but you would increase the amount of food left in the house and therefore also increase your savings in groceries. By eating less, let’s say you don’t go back for seconds on a meal, you increase the time it takes to use up food. (Just keep track things don't spoil or you will waste money)

For instance, if I eat ice cream once a day, I will go through the Ice cream faster by using a larger cereal bowl as opposed to a smaller custard bowl. However, if I use the custard bowl to eat my ice cream then I make the portion size smaller, the ice cream last longer and my purchase of more ice cream is delayed. And frankly, I like my ice cream lasting as long as possible.

As I save money I have the opportunity to eat healthier. Did you know that one (1) apple at this point rarely runs more than 50¢, a banana of decent size runs almost 25¢ and a peach or pear might come in under 40¢. Get all three and you are under the cost of a protein bar and your body has natural sugar,fiber, potassium and necessary vitamins and minterals. Don’t have time to cut up carrots and celery, grab some regular carrots and cut them up while you watch TV.
Recently we have started eating more fruits and vegetables, both the fresh, frozen and canned variety to help my partner fight diabetes and get into a better habit for myself so I don't go to the doctor as much because of unhealthy eating habits.

To summarize the positives of portion size:
1. Saving Money
2. Eating Healthier
3. Makes your food last longer
4. Reduces trips to the doctor/dentist because you eat healthier

A great supplement to this reading is Zen Habits: Mindful Eating - "Digestion begins in the mouth with the action of saliva. If food isn’t chewed properly it means that there’s more work for the rest of your digestion system."


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