This week I took a friend to her first minor league baseball game. The Iowa Cubs [farm team for Chicago Cubs] came to play the Colorado Springs Sky Sox [farm team for Colorado Rockies] and I had the joy of watching someone experience minor league baseball for the first time.

I chose this game for a few reasons:
a. It was a birthday gift - one that didn't cost a lot but shared my time
b. It was for teams that we had an interest in - a local team against a home-state team
c. There was a great promotion going on - this was lucky for us but not uncommon for farm teams

The promotion for this specific game was a 2 dollar Tuesday - 2 dollar parking, 2 dollar tickets, and 2 dollar Coors and Coors Light beer. The tickets for the area that we sat in saved us $18 right away, plus the little bit for parking. Overall we spent 18 dollars total which included my large glass of Alaska Amber ale, large popcorn and large pepsi for 4 hours of fun, food, and a little time away from home.

I wish we could have brought in food with us because that would have kept the cost down even further to only $6 - but I understand the need to support the local minor league team. I do have to say that the prices of food and drink are equal to or slightly better than the movie theater.

Overall the cost spent for the game and the gas to Colorado springs (1/4 tank)was well worth it and beat out the cost of going to a movie theater, if I didn't have movie gift cards.


  1. Diane // Saturday, May 16, 2009 12:49:00 PM  

    When we lived in Ohio, my husband used to love watching the Columbus Clippers (then a farm team for the Yankees) on dollar-a-dog nights. Can't beat that for a cheap night out!

    By the way, thanks for visiting Thrifty Under Fifty!

  2. Dawn C // Saturday, May 16, 2009 1:30:00 PM  

    Dollar a dog sounds wonderful.. wish they had that instead of the beer special, don't like to be around a lot of drunks in the 7th inning stretch.