Get your frugal living posts in for next week's festival of frugality because I'm hosting for June 2nd. This week a cool new blog Suburban Dollar hosted and put together a wonderful Memorial day frugal festival.
Thank you SD for picking my beer post as an editor's choice as well.

I would also like to point you to a few posts I found enjoyable to read:
▲ Cheap Like Me writes about whether a warehouse membership is such a good deal.

▲ If you have left over coupons that you aren't using then you may want to send the coupons overseas to some of the military families as they can use them even past their expiration date.

▲ Want to reuse your ketchup bottle - use it for pancake mix via Crafter-holic

A few frugal tips to consider this month from Twitterers:

@DebtDiva For an all-purpose cleaner, mix 1/2 C. vinegar and 1/4 C. baking soda with half gal of H2O. Perfect substitute for commercial cleaners.

@frugalforlife Freeze wet washcloths in sandwich bags to use as an ice pack

@MonroeOnABudget Great Depression generation shares stories of survival - article and video