First off I would like to thank those sites that have pointed links here:

The Make it from Scratch Carnival 118 for linking to my post on making Funnel cake at home

► Thanks to Consumerist who liked an inspirational quote I added in my post on Making a Thrifty Investment in Yourself

► And as always I thank the readers who suggest my site as one to read when people are looking for frugal sites, like the recent question over at Metafilter: Froogal Livin'


Over at twitter I like to keep track of a few ways I have tried to be frugal or found links or people that were inspirational - here are those thoughts:

▲ I'm not a big fan of Purell cleaners, I prefer soap+water. However, if you buy a lot of Purell, you may want to try making a gallon of your own Purell.

▲ Walgreens EasySaver Program was discontinued - here is the why and what's new now

I saw that my credit union offers free financial counseling, money management help. I may look into that since at least the first contact is free if not more.

Don't get Fox Business News but want to watch the Dave Ramsey show still? You can at the great and powerful HULU

On May 7th I was on a complaint mission - Cell phone retrieval company (cell for cash) isn't paying on their promises to affliates or people turning in their phones. You can't stop me, I'm on a roll and pissed!

Stamps went up 2¢ early in May - that's an increase of 4.8% - Not even my CD rates get something that good right now!

Tuna cans have been downsized from 6 to 5 oz! "New & Improved" = "smaller and more expensive!"

▲ A
very cool website for appliance manufacturers and repair - Appliance 411

▲ Want to make your own SHAG bathroom rug - Eco Bath Rug How-to

Watched the Atlantis land on
Atlantis going through checklist- a ground crew size comparison

Frugal Tips:
-Freeze wet washcloths in sandwich bags to use as an ice pack

-Is a ketchup bottle the the perfect pancake holder? Pancake mix dispenser

-Go to the pay-per-view movie section cable and make a list of the movies that u want to rent from the library for free

-Reuse oatmeal, cracker and formula canisters to store art supplies

Alternative gift wrap- try Sunday comics, National Geographic maps, wallpaper or cloth

Reuse biz card magnets by gluing your own family pictures over the biz cards - a magnet that will be valued longer

Apple cider vinegar (or regular) is an incredible first-aid remedy for dealing with a sunburn


  1. jimmy // Thursday, June 04, 2009 12:52:00 PM  

    Haha love the washcloth idea!

  2. jskell911 // Saturday, June 06, 2009 7:43:00 PM  

    Thanks for the linkage! Love some of the ideas you have highlighted here.

  3. Dawn C // Sunday, June 07, 2009 8:36:00 PM  

    Thanks... It is really quite handy, and bendable too!

    Of course... it was a good recipe idea.