There are so many products that are sold on tv to make our life easier, healthier and happier. Some of them are simple enough that we don't need to spend any money to get the same essential product and others take a little handiwork and time.

1. The Snuggie - A blanket with arm holes
The cheaper alternative would be to toss a blanket over yourself and be done, just like it has been done for years without complaint. However, if the arm holes are a necessity you can pick up an extra large robe at a yard sale and wear it backwards. Note: Consumer Reports review of Snuggies

2. ShamWow - microfiber cloth
A cheaper alternative to would be to simply use the rags that are accumulating from unworn and torn shirts, jeans and bedding. However if that is too much to stuff to have around the house a simple wet/dry vac would work might efficient if the spill is much to large for a cloth towel. If one must have a microfiber cloth, I have seen them for 1-5 dollars depending on the size, which is a fraction of the price when bought on tv. Note: Consumer Reports Review (with vid)

3. Save a Blade - disposable razor sharpener
Since one of the ways blades become dull is do to abrasion and oxidation, which cause bit of rusty metal to fall off, keeping the blade clean and dry is the cheaper alternative. At the end of use, clean the blade of hairs and dry well. I use this method on my razors which makes them last a good 3 months.

To cut down on the abrasive wear make sure you soften the hairs using warm water or lotion or just shave less when you know you will be covered up or during winter.
You could file the blade down, but you may end up filing it below the plastic housing and then it is no good.
Other cheaper alternatives: electric razors, straight razors (for men), going native.

4. The Slap Chop - another nut chopper
A cheaper alternative is to go to a thrift store or yard sale and pay a couple dollars for one instead of 19.99 plus shipping and handling. My chopper has a glass container for easy cleaning, containment of food and quick pouring onto a salad.
There are even heavy duty choppers on amazon for half the price of the tv version

5. Twin Draft Guard - a door draft blocker
A cheaper alternative is to is to roll up a large towel, tie the ends and toss in front of the door, I've been doing this years and it has worked perfectly well - I just kick the towel back in place after using the door, takes 5 seconds.

Other alternatives: A leg of Jeans filled with clean rags, beans or cotton. You can also buy draft blockers for much cheaper if you don't want to make one. And for permanent options there are metal and plastic door guards that can be attached to the door.

6. The Windshield Wonder - cloth on a stick
Your cheaper alternative is just a stick away. Grab a rag, microfiber if you prefer and pick up the little plastic bat that trips you up in the yard and get those windows clean in the hard to reach areas. Simple as that. You could even use the extension nozzle from a vacuum to reach better, anything works really.

That film that covers the windshield on the inside is simply the fumes coming off the dashboard on a hot day and the best way to get the gunk off is a good window cleaner. Even using the squeegee at the gas station would be the cheapest way, no money spent and you have your cleaner and stick, just make sure to get the excess out of the squeegee.