The following is a guest post by Franz Longsworth

It’s summertime and the living is easy for only a select few these days, as for the other 99% of the population it is rather important to get your finances in order. Saving more, spending less moola, and being green seem to be a good fit for a 2009 motif.

So to help save money this summer a yard sale comes highly recommended whether you are shopping at one or attending one they can be extremely beneficial because if you like to save money than shopping around at a neighborhood garage sale can afford you the benefit of buying hard to find items at pennies on the dollar.

Often times you will find items that have been used once or twice and have expired their return policy so that means you get to benefit.

With warmer temperatures comes a ton of neighborhood sales and when you stroll out around your neighborhood on any given weekend day the odds are your going to find some great sales and bargains. The best part being that all prices are negotiable and you never know what kind of great retro finds that may pop up.

To find a sale all you have to do is look for signs around the neighborhood, check out your local newspaper or Google a garage sales.

Some individuals realize how great the profit potential is from selling off old unused items and have made the choice to throw their own sale. The average sale can bring in around $200.00 and for tough times like the ones we are in, that most certainly could help. Some simple tips are to sell what people want if you wouldn’t buy it than most likely your customers won’t either, be negotiable on prices, and advertise advertise advertise.

The most popular items that sell at a Garage Sale are:
* Baby items
* Clothes
* Strollers
* Furniture
* Electronics
* Yard Equipment and Tools
* Books
* Jewelry

Almost every household in America either has a compilation of these items or will need to compile them.

This article was written by Franz Longsworth an avid Garage Saler and bargain hunter who got the desire to use his web development to help other bargain hunters in the world with a simple and easy to use website in:


4 additional tips I have learned from garage sales:

-- If you are looking to raise more money or don't have much stuff, include neighbors in the sale or sell homemade sweets and drinks - heck you could even have a BBQ going and sell dogs, burgers and sodas. (sidenote: Please look presentable when selling food, if you look like you aren't clean, you may not get many sales.)

-- If you look like you are enjoying yourself and enjoy having people around to look at your stuff, then they will pick up on that and stick around longer.

-- Please, please, please keep things neat as it makes it so much easier to browse, just don't hover over me as I put something down in the wrong spot.

-- Most important; make your signs easy to read from a car that is driving at 15mph along a road.


  1. Marty // Wednesday, July 15, 2009 1:19:00 PM  

    Start Living Frugal is totally copying your content. Word for word.
    That's how I knew she copied it!

  2. Dawn // Wednesday, July 15, 2009 7:20:00 PM  

    Marty -
    Yeah they are copying mine and frugaldad as well to name a few - I have made a few adjustments in the hope it brings people to my site.

    I tried contacting them but they ignore emails, but hopefully they will die out.