At the beginning of a new month I like to look back at the previous month to see what ideas caught my eye, stories grabbed my attention and if I did anything frugal as some months are better than others.

To start it off, some quotes -
"Junk, someone once said, is what you throw away two weeks before you need it."
~Letty Cottin Pogrebin

"We have not inherited the world from our forefathers - we have borrowed it from our children."
~Native American Quote

"Too many people spend money they haven't earned, to buy things they don't want, to impress people they don't like."
~Will Smith

"Guerrilla Frugality: you and your family against the numerous marketers and sales people of the world"
~Jonathan Chevreau

unFluffy Towels- Pour vinegar in the rinse cycle or run another rinse cycle to remove build up of detergent that sticks to towels [cheaper than fabric softener]
Cleaning Shower-head - Heat pan of vinegar under boil, turn off and let showerhead soak in pan for 30-60minutes.
Can Opener- Clean it with a toothbrush and baking soda to make it last longer
Keep track of AC adapters by writing on them with a white permanent marker to which electronics they belong - cell, vid. camera
When you have ice left in your cup, don't throw it down the drain or in the trash, dump it on a plant.
Save all your food receipts for a month. Highlight any unnecessary expenses[soft drinks,candy,junk food,alcohol] via @DebtDiva
Buying a Mattress looking for discount - Go to large chains, in out of the way places, on a Tuesday night - get up 50% off

♠ I wrote a guest post over at Five Cent Nickel on 401(k) Rollover Mistakes
Free 70Pg Ebook - Renewable Energy 101/ Solar, Wind, and Hydro Electric
A Bloggers Face-Off from June 2007 - J. D. Roth (getrichslowly) vs. Trent Hamm(thesimpledollar)
♠ 10 ways empty soda bottles can save you $2,000
♠ Hate the Penny? Here is your answer to making them useful
♠ I wrote about using a timer to take my showers - I got a response from @extremejacob about saving more hot water by simply switching to cold showers. It takes two weeks to adapt
Boy sells toys to help family - the comments were the most interesting
Woman bakes her way out of foreclosure

Anything Frugal:
☻ My car's new side window, thanks to a mis-aligned window. Duct Tape rules!
☻Got a free year of HBO w. Comcast for the asking... I chatted in and I live in Colorado
☻ I bought that Gevalia coffee maker and coffee for 14.95 - I canceled the membership a week later- keeping the coffee and maker - well worth the price and nice to have coffee when I wake up.
Dumpster find! - found at least 100 dog pads for my Maltese- handy for winter when she refuses 2 go out.


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