When I started on this road of frugality I found that I would get frustrated often that I wasn't accomplishing things fast enough, that I wasn't taking to this frugal road quick enough and that I was falling back into old patterns to quickly. However, I found that when I look back over the past week or month in my case it helped me see that I was accomplishing something.

I am not a diary keeper, but I do use my twitter page as a way to keep track of things that I have done or want to get done and so on. Consider this my diary review for the month of frugal related items:

I think I am one of the few people who enjoy cleaning the bathroom, but not enough to come clean yours {wink}. I get it done in about 15 minutes with a routine that involves taking down the shower curtain and washing it with vinegar, pouring cleaner in the bathtub and the toilet, while it sits I go to the sink to clean. Next is the toilet and last is the bathtub and I get in to the tub and clean it (the cleaners don't bother my feet).  I have not started using non-chemically cleaners yet, but will in the future.

If you have heard of the "No Impact Man" he now has a doc movie out that you can see the trailer on - NO IMPACT MAN trailer - If you are unfamiliar with this guy's family, he decided to live a life for a year without having an impact on the environment. To quote the site, "No problem – at least for Colin – but he and his family live in Manhattan. So when his espresso-guzzling, retail-worshipping wife Michelle and their two-year-old daughter are dragged into the fray, the No Impact Project has an unforeseen impact of its own."

Prices for milk have been at a really low price so I have been stocking up on milk in anticipation of the prices rising, plus it just cuts down on the amount of times I have to go to the store. They thaw really well, I set them out on the counter and shake it every now and then, then when there is a small chunk of ice left, I put it back in the frig for use later. It really does taste decent and that is coming from my partner who is quite picky.

I have been a little over a month since I got the title for my car after paying it off, it feels good to have it paid off and not think about the payment for it. Now my mind has room for the other debts I need to pay off. Christmas will slow things down a bit for me, but recovery should start in December as I should have all gifts ready to go by Halloween or Thanksgiving at the latest.

Frugal Tip: Did you know you can print Target coupons at the target kiosks and save on paper and printer ink?

Bought new tires for the car, did my research and got the type of tire I needed plus they had a $50 rebate and the location I went to had a recent 10% off coupon. All well worth the time to research for quality and savings. Frugal isn't about only getting the lowest price, but getting the best for the price, which isn't always the lowest price, but then you can find other deals that make it an even better deal.

Frugal Tip: If you buy a product w/ a rebate, redeem it. Don't be part of the high % of people that forget to get their $ back! @DebtDiva

Speaking of getting the best value for my money, I recently went to an Apple store and played for over an hour and I think I will be saving my money up for an iMac, those look sweet and I know my laptop will be going on it's last legs and less dependable in the next year or so. Have to be prepared (and yes, I have my computer files backed up).

Some newspaper writer in Florida has copyrighted the word, frugalista, and is sending out cease and desist letters to different bloggers (not I) and it isn't making her many friends. So for now you are safe to use it as an adjective if you have a blog but not as a pronoun - Frugalista Dawn is a no no but "Dawn is a frugalista" is ok.

Frugal Tip: Don't just take last night's dinner for lunch the next day, also consider taking breakfast - I had eggs, hash-browns and bacon for my lunch/dinner for something different at work.

Since I don't have a dvr and I work weeknights I miss a lot of shows on tv, except now I watch online, I watched the season premiers of Heroes, Smallville, Law/Order: SVU and Criminal Minds all online at either Hulu or FOE.

And finally, it was nice to cross of the flu shot off of my list of things to do and I got it free-ish, I had to bring non-perishable food but it was worth the 45 min line and 15 min. drive over. h/t to MHOTC


  1. techwriter // Monday, September 28, 2009 3:42:00 PM  

    You said you've been watching TV on Hulu. PlayOn, an app at themediamall.com, allows you to "watch" computer on your TV. You just need a game console or other DLNA-compatible device. I'm slowly warming my husband up to the idea of dropping our Uverse subscription and watching computer on the 60" screen. We tried it with our Wii for the first time last night and it works great.

  2. Anonymous // Monday, September 28, 2009 4:11:00 PM  

    really great tips! this blog has been very helpful to me and i'm glad I found it. I will definitely be freezing my milk. Out of curiosity, do you know if this works for non-dairy milk, like the lactaid stuff?

  3. Dawn // Monday, September 28, 2009 7:40:00 PM  

    I will have to look at the ps2 console I have and see what I can do. The only trouble I have is the occasional live programs that I like to watch.

    @Dara Laine
    I haven't found out about freezing the Lactaid milk, but I can find out for you and update you.

    Until then you could try a test by pouring a little into a freezable container and then unfreeze it and see how it tastes