I've been seeing news articles online and on tv about a "frugal fatigue" that they say people are feeling and that is why spending is going up. People are tired of being cheap, cutting back and sacrificing, they say. I know that I have read quite a few people on twitter and facebook that have said that the current frugality isn't going last. Even the current book I am reading "In CHEAP We Trust"  the author also said she didn't think frugality would last, history shows that we have wide swings between thrift and spending.

I know that when frugal fatigue sets in for me, I do allow myself to get it out of my system in some small ways. Yet, I don't want to dig a hole for myself so I also look for inspiration to help kick me in the pants to keep going. I think frugal fatigue comes with the territory if you aren't taking a look at the big picture and also trying to understand the small sections it can all be overwhelming and at times, confusing.

However, I always have high hopes that people will see the value in living on less than they bring home but I guess my hopes are set to high. But no matter if we go back to a spendthrift lifestyle again, I do have high hopes that there have been lessons learned and maybe even a few more converts have taken to wearing the banner of frugality proudly.

So do you think fatigue is setting in for those around you who are new to frugality? How can we help them continue on frugally?
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It seems that we have to constantly go back 60+ years to see a time when the country saw a similar situation and found the creativity to get through it - It would appear that the Ohio Department of Aging has a project they are putting together -  
Great Depression Story Project , they have over 300 people who have volunteered their stories for your enjoyment and learning.

I'm a new reader to the site Blogging Away Debt and wanted to let you all know about Beks ongoing process of being unemployed and finding ways to cut back. Now there is someone who is living frugal out of necessity, yet they seem to find silver lining through it all. The post that I wanted to draw your attention to: Ways to get by while on unemployment…- Beks decisions may not be the ones we each would make but I think it is courageous to face the fear and bring it out into the open.

On a related note: There is a decision being made here is Colorado about closing some of the public libraries due to budgets. After paying taxes it is nice to have these places provided to us and recently Smart Spending/The Dough Roller wrote a piece on "70 government Web sites you should bookmark NOW!"

And finally, since there are only two rules to personal finance - finding extra money where you can is always helpful and the site My Dollar Plan grabbed a few lesser known ways to bring in some money. I tried the Target gift card option for an old cellphone and $14.19 is coming my way. Thank Amanda!


  1. Cassie // Wednesday, October 21, 2009 2:29:00 PM  

    I do think that the people around me are starting to again spend more, when they were doing so well living a frugal lifestyle.

    Myself, I sometimes feel in a rut. As if all I do is save save save and it would be nice to just go out to a nice dinner and not feel guilty, ya know?

    One thing that helps, is to have a reasonable entertainment budget. Say, $50 a month or maybe $100 a month if you can afford it. Go out to dinner, rent some movies, go to a concert - and DON'T feel guilty about spending some money.

  2. Jill // Wednesday, October 21, 2009 6:16:00 PM  

    Yeah, I can feel the fatigue in me and in others. Partly it's getting to be winter and my range of frugal-fun needs to switch from outdoorsy to making the most of the free gym membership I get with my job. Time to park the bike and go for a sauna! But what usually happens is I park the bike and open a catalog.

    I have friends who were trying to be frugal but who now think there is no hope for better times so might as well spend what they have now. Sad.

    For inspiration I'm looking at land for sale (one big reason for my frugality is to buy land without a loan) and realize how close I am. Within a year I could own a couple of acres! That review of big goals helps with the little things for me.

  3. Dawn // Wednesday, October 21, 2009 6:42:00 PM  

    An entertainment budget is a great idea - I would have to include my monthly netflix subscription into that as that is one way I relax/splurge.

    Have goals is a great way to stay motivated. I have been aiming for small goals that still work towards my larger goal as well.

    Thank you both for your comments!

  4. Lawence // Thursday, October 22, 2009 10:58:00 AM  

    Just like I find it hard to constantly keep a good diet, I also find it difficult to constantly save money. So, just like I have a cheat day once a week on my diet, I also give myself a cheat day every once in a while to go out and splurge on a good meal and evening out on the town.

  5. Innahouse // Saturday, October 24, 2009 10:10:00 AM  

    One thought on ways to fight "frugal fatigue": Find a place to volunteer, where you aren't just donating something, but are really getting involved with individuals.....the elderly, the homeless, the poor, the handicapped. You'll feel good about yourself, plus it gives you a different perspective on your possessions, finances and abilities.