This household will never go TV free as much as I would like to do it, but it won't be happening. Personally, I keep up with only three shows this season and I have the luxury of watching the shows online in my free time. However, my partner is an avid live show watcher; football, baseball, local news and the weather channel all fall under that banner. Plus about every couple years she has back surgery so tv watching is her form of recovery and a break from reading. Because of this, the idea of going cable free isn't possible.

However I still need to save money and these are my 5 money saving steps for cable service:

1. Contact cable company 30 days after promo ends to get a new one. This way one bill cycle has gone by and earlier promos are easily missed by agents.
2. If contact through chat and phone does not help, I downgrade service to locals only for 30 days
3. After thirty days I contact them again for any deals that may be available, usually this gets me something for at least 6 months or more.
4. I keep my eyes and ears open for deals - A couple months ago, through chat, I was able to get HBO free for a year for just asking. I also check the 'messages' option on my cable box as those tell of upcoming free weekends for other movie channels.
5. For internet, the first three steps are used the same as well. Luckily Comcast has a cheaper tiered service that I can stand for 30 days.

The New York Times recently had an article on food rules that gathered dietary do and don'ts from readers. As I was perusing them I realized how a few of the rules also affect our wallets. The couple that stand out to me are:
"It is better to pay the grocer than the doctor"....  - John Forti
" could not leave the table until you finished your fruit...a great way to incorporate fruit in our diets and also helped satiate our sweet tooth... - Marta C. Larussa

There is one dollar store that this semi-near my house and I haven't been too impressed with it, but then maybe I'm not picking up the correct things. However, Marlene Alexander seems to be finding some good (and bad) stuff at her local dollar store and she posts them on her blog at Dollar Store Style (link to site index)

A math question to pose to the student in all of us - Would you rather have a million dollars or a penny doubled every day over 30 days? (no taxes, wink) - MoneyTrax asked the question to a variety of people on the street

$1M now or a penny that doubles in value everyday for 30 days?
$1M now or a penny that doubles in value everyday for 30 days?