I forgot to put my ice scraper in the car on the first frosty night and it wasn't a thin ice I could just blast off with the defrost on high. Since no one else was in the parking lot I pulled out my grocery shopping card and started scraping away, it took a little longer than normal but it worked well. However, I had to get a new card the next time I was at the grocery store.

Not everyone can park their car in a warm garage, so scraping the window is the job in the morning before work.
However there are alternatives to window scraping:
☼ Putting cardboard on the windshield and held it down with the wipers and side doors
☼ Placed thick plastic over the window - An old shower curtain would do the trick as well and you can slam it in the door on a windy night
Poured warm water over the window – not suggested as a regular idea as any cracks can make your windshield a spider web of catastrophe.
Sprayed vinegar on the window – this seemed to cut down on the fog, but ice still built up

Other things to try:
Carpet remnants - I found that the rug side up is best as you will have a slightly furry window with it rug side down
Rubbing alcohol sprayed on windows has been suggested
Car mats laid on the window - I haven't tried this but with "spikes" on the bottom of some I would think flipping these over would work best
Newspapers - newspaper have been used for insulation in walls and covering up in the rain. Just make sure you have some weather proof tape to hold them together.

And then while you wait for the windows to defog, have a rag or chalkboard eraser in the car to wipe so you can see. And use a vinegar solution or old shaving cream to keep the window fogging down to a minimum.

I'm outta here to go clean and defog my car windows.


  1. Stuart // Tuesday, December 22, 2009 3:09:00 PM  

    That's funny.

    I have ruined a few credit cards in the past with the same process. I need to get more shopping cards for a better scraping selection.