With people stuck indoors on the weekend and the spending for Superbowl Sunday done with, now is a good to surf the web and see what other people's ideas are about frugal living.

First, time to get the bad new out of the way, 9 food label lies. I read through this and found it both enlightening and a little bit depressing. All the more reason to read the ingredient labels thoroughly. Also, serving sizes today aren't what they used to be (though that may change) - have you measured out what a cup of cold cereal is and compared it to what is usually poured into a cereal bowl? There's usually a big difference.

Two things jumped out to me while I was reading through SmartSpending's Learn how to decode coupons - That expiration dates are ending sooner than they used to and that the prevalence of counterfeit coupons that are out there.

We don't think anything about popping in a dollar into the vending machine or into a money changer - but back in 1929 a money changing machine invention was a big deal and made the pages of Modern Mechanics


The best way for me to learn is to do it as I learn it, the second best way to learn for me are really BIG charts with pictures and lines and all kinds of fun.
Recently Mint.com blog, Lifehacker and Billshrink had some really cool BIG charts that are actually kinda handy.

Lifehacker has their Best Time to Buy Anything chart and corresponding detailed post on buying times all year around.
BillShrink has a chart on the best Cell Phone Plans. Of course this is probably the first one to expire of all the charts, but handy still.
✜ Mint.com Blogs with many charts and this one in particular caught my attention, How Some Companies Prey on Poor People and the chart covers payday loans, credit cards and rent-to-own places.

Speaking of credit and buying stuff - I noticed that Credit Info Center has pulled together the facts on what makes up our FICO scores

I finally got my final W-2 form in the mail on February 5th and I was worried because it is rare that they reach me after January 31st.  However, on Walletpop came to my rescue in case I didn't haven't all my W-2 forms with help on getting all the tax documents  - most important piece of advice, "The IRS instructions specifically request that you wait until Feb. 15 before calling about a missing form"


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