Occasionally the vending machine monster grabs me by the shirt and steals money out of my pocket and chooses some delectable chocolate candy bar.
About a month ago, I had a Whitney's Fine Chocolate Double Play in my hand, but to my dismay all the wax coating on the cardboard underneath had gotten onto the underside of the chocolate. Sure, a little wax never hurt anyone and I brushed off what I could, but I figures this company might want to know about this for their own quality control.

I pulled up the Whitney's Fine Chocolate website and emailed them and let them know about the incident and that I had a picture of it if they wanted me to send it out. A few days later, Deb contacted me back thanking me for letting them know and that it "may have gotten too cold and then too warm some way along the delivery process.  I will keep watch of the weather and when it cools down will send you a few bars free for the inconvenience.

And true to Deb's word they not only replaced my single Double Play but sent me all 5 of their products perfectly wrapped in bubble wrap. The best part about these delicious chocolates are that they are made right here in the USA, a few miles over in West Carrollton, Ohio

So I wanted to use my soap box here to thank them publicly for their kindness, going above and beyond my expectations and letting you all know that the 5 bars are ALL DELICIOUS!


I still have that bar of Fels Naptha in my laundry room and it really only comes out when I have a stain to get out. But then Sara wrote an article on Uses for Fels Naptha and I think I will try using it for the shower.

Cheapism.com - I get emails quite often to review a site and frankly I am no good at it. But out of the many requests I get, I thought I would pass this one along since it caught my eye. WalletPop did a good review of the site. Overall, the site reviews the cheap stuff, pulling all the reviews that are around the internet into one site. Very cool!

Deal Seeking Mom asked a good question recently "How Do You Deal with Tough Cashiers?" and received over 100 replies. Well worth reading for some tips if you are coming up against a wall.

Bargaineering.com recently had a couple articles on Costco membership promotions that are going on and a cool idea that if a current Costco member buys you a gift card, you can walk into the store without a membership of your own. So for those trying to decide, this may help.

And finally, as an avid reader of the failblog, I thought this would bring a smile to your face and allow you a moment to feel superior! (unless you had been the caller)