I was reading through Chris Thorman's post about 10 steps to negotiate rent and since rent negotiations are coming up for me in a few months and we are determining how low in rent we may be able to go to save some money. Chris blogs about landlord software at Software Advice.Conveniently, my lease expires within the same week as the last day of my job lay off.

Because of the lay off we have been deciding what amenities we feel are needed (garage, freezer space, workout room, etc) and how far of a drive we want in order to save money on rent. I have checked out a fun site called Rent-o-Meter to check my area out. I'm still not sure how far I want to drive to save money - anyone have any way to calculate what a good amount of driving is compared to lowered rent?

One of the places we are looking at has a huge field and walking area to walk the dog. Though I don't think we will come across any skunks to deal with, like Chance has when her dog got skunked, I do now have a homemade option to clean my little Maltese if she should get into something stinky.

I borrowed Ramit Sethi's book I will teach you to be rich from the library and since then has kept an eye on his site. His post about the areas people think they are making money, but aren't was enlightening. I don't agree with him on coupons but most things I do agree with. However, it is still good to be challenged on an idea once in while.

Mint.com/blog recently posted an infographic that compared generic drugs to brand name ones - I have to admit, when I see name brand item on sale at the same price as a generic one, I will grab that one off the shelf instead of the generic one. I admit it, I can be a brand whore, it's gotten into my system and I'll fall for it. But I'm never afraid to try a store brand, even it's it 2¢ more.


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