Occasionally I have come across leftover items at the dumpster or as I'm tossing out the trash and wondered if there was another possible use for that item. Here are some ideas:

Film canisters 
- Traveling toothbrush protector: cut a large enough for the toothbrush handle to hang down through and tape the lid in place
- Toy rattle: Drop in a few beans or rice and secure the lid permanently (we don't want choking hazards)
- Tiny first aid kits: Small paper with ICE info,Band-Aids, Bee-Stinger Remover,Antiseptic Wipes, etc
- Stamp dispenser: Buy a roll of forever stamps and cut a slit in the side to pull them out.
- Condiments container: Perfect for ketchup, salad dressing, salt/pepper at work
- Napkin rings: Remove the lid, cut out the bottom and decorate to taste
- Paint storage: Handy for small touch up jobs instead of carrying around the bigger paint can.

Cardboard tubes
- Organizing and Saving: Keep pantyhose inside (mark the outside with style/color), grocery bags and extra extension cords
- Kid Projects: Binoculars for kids and napkin rings
- Start something: Fire, seeds

Plastic pop bottles
- Sand Bottles: fill 20ounce and 2 litter bottle, tie twine around neck of bottle and hold down the fort
- Funnel (use top third of bottle)
- Spray bottle: A spray pump fits nicely on a 20 ounce soda bottle
- Coin bank

Water hose
- Bucket handle, corner table protector, blade guard for tools, tree protector

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