Everything seemed to come together while on vacation in regards to decisions that had to be made before the end of the month.

Decision 1: After lay off, go back to school or get a full time job in same industry?
Since I have a part-time job that pays well and has decent hours for school, I will be going back to school and working that job. I'm burnt out on the industry I'm currently in full-time and I don't want to be an ineffective co-worker as well.

Decision 2: Go to school here in state or move out of state and wait a year for residency?
Since I'm already a residence I would be able to start school sooner and keep my part-time job. If I moved, I would be out even the part-time job, even if the standard of living would have been cheaper. I REALLY want to go back to school and don't want to delay what has already been 19 years.

Job and money are always large stressors in life, compounding that with a possible move and the hair on my head would decrease in proportion to the increase of lines on my face. After the decisions are made, I'm at peace with them and whatever troubles may result. I'm ready to start a new chapter.

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Want vs. Need - I liked this chart of one person figuring out their wants vs. their needs. Very true.

Yard Sales Tips - WalletPop has two videos, one on tips for getting great bargains and another on how to bargain at yard sales. I liked the bargaining video the best.

Farmer’s Markets: Pricey or Budget-Friendly? - "The study is in its fourth year now and the findings have been consistent. “If you thought the farmers market was cheaper, it’s not,” said Jones. “If you thought it was more expensive, it’s not.”

Need some extra artwork around the house and you don't like the $2 piece you bought at the flea market? Update your thrifty artwork find or whatever variation you want

Finally, I saw this posted over at Not Always Right and thought immediately of my readers, They would be the "next customer":

Supermarket | Brisbane, Australia
(I am scanning a customer’s order when I notice she is buying a $30 lip-gloss that is also being given away with a magazine).

Me: "Miss, if you’d like to buy [magazine] for $7.20, you get this exact lip-gloss free inside."

Customer: "But I don’t want the magazine. I just want the lip-gloss."

Me: "I understand, but even if you give the magazine away, you still get the lip-gloss for $7.20 and save $22.80."

Customer: "Do I look like a charity? I’m not going to give away a $7 magazine. Haven’t you heard of saving money?"

Me: "Well yes, what I’m saying is you can save money by buying the magazine–"

Customer: "Stop trying to rip me off and scan my lip-gloss!"

(I ring up her lip-gloss for $30 and she storms off. The next customer puts the same magazine on the counter.)

Next Customer: "I don’t want it either, but I have half a brain."