I'm finding that twitter is good place to store my random thoughts for the month, then at the end of the month I can go back and look over what ran through my head or things I have done and possibly learned.

» When I see a NYT top 10 non-fiction that is a frugal living book, then I will know it has gone mainstream, until then I hope

» Want to listen to people talking about being frugal? Jenn and Lynnae filled that void with Frugal Coast2Coast on Monday nights. If you miss an episode you can still get it on demand for free.

» I use coupons but for so little since I use store brands, it seems I mostly by cereal, yogurt and protein bars. How about you?

» Walked to the bookmobile to pick up my book holds, saved a drive to the library and trying to find parking. Along the way I found 25¢ and got myself some wonderful things.

» Well, work gave me a 23¢ raise... I was expecting nothing but to keep my job so I will consider this a WIN!

» Tried out Amazon's (beta launch) game trade-in, and it rocks - sent off two games and got my amazon bucks in about 10 days.

» Did a simple test run with ammonia instead of bleach (we ran out) as alternative.. worked well. Hope it will be a habit, but the psychology of using bleach all the time is hard to get out of.

» Filed my tax returns, thanks to MrsMicah, I found some extra items to deduct but not enough to bring down what I owe to the fed.

» You know you are using the cloth grocery bags often enough when you have to mend a seam

» I recently switched over to Verizon wireless and found this info of use for opting out of personal info sharing.

» To get mentally prepared for dropping tv service, we checked out the library for tv show series and documentaries.

» "If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant, if we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome" -Anne Brandstreet

» OMG, why can't I have a time machine? I could love Superman more than Batman if I knew this kind of future awaited.

» Signed up for an REI membership back in the day and got a check recently from them, have no idea what to use it on, once the snow melts I will probably figure it out.

» Sent out a rebate for money back on a protein bar, sent everything with the WHOLE wrapper, got a letter back that there was no UPC. What the...?! I didn't fight it cause I didn't photocopy it. Lesson learned.

» Came across this great comment, "In 40 years, when I'm a grumpy old man, my excuse for frugality will be 'I was a Recession kid.'"

» I'm noticing more people at work eating bread and crackers to fill up instead of vending machine food. Quite the dichotomy, people eating out every day and others who only eat crackers/bread and water - Have you noticed this at your job?

» Learned from Walgreens - They are dumping the rebate and going to a loyalty program. The rebate will stop at the end of April - for info from them to follow.

» I will be participating in financial literacy month for April - how about you?

» I got my class action suit money from the Airborne pills - a whole $6.99. Unexpected money is wonderful.

» We've finally cut the cable to locals only , kept internet and removed landline in place of cell phones. I can't believe we were scared to do this; we are saving electricity without the landline phone plugged in and we are watching some shows we never used to on PBS.

» Now here is an idea for the indoor line drying people. A stool/dryer from 1930. I love this vintage advertising.

» Good post from @LinearChaos about Grocery Auctions - never been to one, but might be interesting.

» A blizzard in Denver metro made for a very long 20 hour day working both jobs - this is me with 6 hours left.
» Free pizza day today at work, very nice of supervisor to crack open the wallet and feed us a bit. Then the next day I was short on pasta and had home-made spaghetti sauce over Ramen noodles.

» More evidence of the funny stuff you read on twitter: "Saw an old bloke in town today who was wearing socks as gloves. This means he's either incredibly frugal or a murderer."

» Another great post from the Thrifty Chicks - Keep & Sweep - what to look for at the thrift store.

» I need to get fingerless gloves to wear around the house when the heat is off so my fingers don't get stiff when I type on the computer... brrrr!

» I chuckled when I saw the Pillsbury commercial talk about the breakdown of biscuits were ONLY 25¢ each in a roll. What do you frugalistas think of the new tv advertising that talk about how much money you are saving or about reducing cost.- like it, hate it, don't care?

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  1. Mrs. Accountability // Saturday, October 17, 2009 10:06:00 PM  

    I think it is interesting how you keep track of your random thoughts on Twitter. I like the idea of it. I don't use coupons any longer, I find going through the paper only entices me to buy more stuff, most coupons are for junk and chemical cleaners, etc. Rarely is there one that I will use, and then the store brand is cheaper!

  2. Anonymous // Tuesday, November 17, 2009 9:56:00 AM  

    Much of your comments are not extremely frugal by my standards. I haven't had cable for 2 years. No local channels, just internet. I'm in the process of eliminating my car, and trying to ride a gas powered scooter year round...if possible.

    I think it is time people like you and I in the US and Canada start doing this. Prices will not drop to an appropriate level until we stop borrowing money to have luxuries.

    I think the cell phone idea is pretty good, but even they are overpriced. Payphones are cheaper. I should have gotten a pager service and returned calls on a public telephone to save money...LOL!

    I'm considering getting a laptop computer with wireless internet access... For the price of a coffee at a hotspot, I can surf the web. Much cheaper and more easily controlled than paying $40 a month for continuous access.