Twitter has become my little microblog for frugal thoughts, ideas and pictures I come across - for those who don't follow me on twitter - here is an update from April as I wrote them at the time.

§ I helped a former co-worker figure out the 27 page food stamp program. They only have two to feed so it looks like they may get $165-175 a month. After filling out the 27 pages for food stamps, they found out they had done them wrong, the Social Services lady was nice and helped fix - all approved!

§ Yeah for libraries! I put a dozen different movies on hold -Tudors, Dexter, independent movies, etc. Just waiting for my bookmobile to come in. Also put 5 PS2 games on hold at the library as well.. only get them for a week, but that should be enough time to complete them.

§ At the beginning of every month our team (I use that loosely) at work puts together a potluck and last month had a theme - only bring your favorite junk food. This was my response after nibbling..... Nothing like a desert potluck at work to keep you on a sugar high for the rest of the day!

§ Want a cheap activity for summer? Find a Minor league baseball game in the area and get in on some good promotions. On May 12th we are going to the Colorado Springs Sky Sox game versus the Iowa cubs (Go cubbies) - they are minor league. Tickets were $2, Parking $2, and Hot Dogs are $2. I'll write up a report when I get back.

§ How do people drive and talk on the cell? I almost got hit talking on the cellphone while I was walking! - My own fault though.

§ In an hour I'm going to go check out an auction at a storage place. My curiosity is going strong..... Back from the storage auction, it was an experience - got lots a tips to tell you about... with picture

§ I actually saved 100% at the store, I didn't buy much but it was fun to see on the receipt. I rarely get chances like this unless I buy a small number of items.§ Overheard at the store: Mother to son - "If you don't straighten up right now, you won't get to go to Starbucks!" - eh? Starbucks? (The kid looked about 6-8 years old, that is why I did a double take on what she said.)

Got my free $25 GC to the movie theater today from Mypoints - gonna wait for Wolverine movie to spend it. (May update: Did I ever tell you about my horrible lack of patience? Well the card was burning a hole in my pocket and we saw DisneyNature's Earth instead-great movie-scenes were spectacular-go if you can)

§ For when you are tired but can't sleep - I watched the 1958 movie "the Blob" - kinda slow but good (the movie that is, but then again so was the

§ At a light, I saw a smart car next to a hummer - kinda looked like the equivalent of a Great Dane next to a Miniature Pincher and it made me laugh - Then the guy behind me ruined it by honking.

§ Wohoo! I got 4 packages of bacon for 50¢ each - I found out from an employee that the store was not going to carry the brand any longer... the taste: decent, but paper thin - still for 50¢ you can't really go wrong.

§ For earth day, just like other mornings, I listened to the birds calling - I'm thinking it's God's version of new age music

§ Was reminded of a wonderful quote: "The consumption society has made us feel that happiness lies in having things, and has failed to teach us the happiness of not having things." ~Elise Boulding

§ Yeah, rental office called and will be painting our apartment in May - been here 6 years, it could use some work. (Water leaked through the ceiling twice and general use makes it look less than stellar.)

Love to see this type of creative recycling - Clothes Dryer Chicken Coop

Someone should rent out "kill-a-watt" meters... I'm tempted to buy one and take one back.. but that sounds way too cheap and NOT frugal at all. Any one have some ideas as no one I know has one to borrow.