I buy non-rechargeable batteries because they are convenient and I don't use many, one is for my mp3 and one for the book light. When I am done I usually just toss them in the trash and move on. However, I recently found out through Earth911.com, they wrote wrote about recycling batteries, where to take them or send them and how they might be better 'trashed'. Certainly something to look into this weekend and it would be time to start keeping a stash of used batteries to send off.

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I've come across a couple of new [to me] blogs about the cross between frugality and living and thought I would share a post from each for you to enjoy:

It's frugal being green - How To Want Less - I liked this post because I like the ways we trick train our brain to live a frugal life.

RePurposeful - Repurposing home decor - I like this post because she lists a few unique items in her house and how she is re-using them in new ways. Most of her posts are about taking one item and coming up with new ways to re-purpose them.

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One of the areas in my life that I am not good at is cooking, it is quite overwhelming to me - my forté is breakfast and BBQ as it doesn't involve a lot of ingredients. Because of this I like to read the tips about cooking and food and thought these were of interest

Top 50 Kitchen Tips - I like tip #16: Before buying grapes you should shake the bunch gently, if grapes fall of the bunch is not fresh. To store grapes, wrap loosely in newspaper and keep in the dark.

Kitchen Myths - This was interesting to read through and found the following myth interesting "You can make a baked potato in the microwave"

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Finally, I'm always looking around for these type of sites if I need a recipe for the left-over ingredients in the house:
Cooking by Numbers - Click on what you've got and they will show you what you can cook
Super Cook - Finds recipes you can make with only the ingredients you have at home
All Recipes Ingredient Search - Enter in the INGREDIENTS I WANT and INGREDIENTS I DON'T WANT