Obviously frugal living and conservation has been around for a long time, in a 1841 Lydia Maria Francis Child wrote the 130 page book American Frugal Housewife, dedicating it to those who are "not ashamed of economy".

Frugal living and conserving seem to ebb and flow over the decades, the last time it was popular was in the late 70's and early 80's and before that it seemed to be at it's peak in the late 30's through late 40's thanks mostly to the depression years and the second world war.

One of the wonderful things about frugal living and conservation is that it doesn't get old or out dated. It is one easy way to pass ideas on to kids and friends around you and everyone benefits, I feel good for helping out and the other persons has a new ideas to save money or time.

One of my favorite ideas that came from the conservation and frugal living times during the depression and war area were the posters that it generated. Even though the ideas aren't informing us of anything new, it is the fact that these posters were commissioned so that we wouldn't forget, either back then or even today.
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