I don't understand the Walgreens Register Rewards and why people seem to promote as money off the item you are currently buying. If buying a 12-pack of Pepsi is 3 packs for $12 and you get $3 in register rewards back, that doesn't make them 3/$9 it is still 3/$12 because that $3 in register rewards is for the next time you buy an item and not for the current item bought.

I get frustrated when I see people saying:
Aveeno Hair Care, $6.49
Use the $2/1 Aveeno Nourish coupon from the 5-31 Red Plum Insert
You earn $1.50 in Register Rewards to make it $2.99 - Because this isn't true the final price would be 4.49 for the hair care and you would have 1.50 for the next time you buy.

I looked this up and found out some more interesting information about this Walgreens Register Rewards that makes me concerned:
"I went to Walgreens today to use my rewards that I got a month ago and b/c it was expired, I couldn't use it!!"

"In the past you could use these rebates like cash on future purchases. Apparently it has gotten more complicated....."

I didn't like the fact that they were dropping the rebate option that allowed you to build up a shopping card that you could use as cash with no expiration date. I would rather they have gotten rid of it all together and not replaced it. But maybe it appeals to someone other than myself and the above commentary.


I don't like to buy shoes from thrift store unless they are unworn and come with a box. However, one summer about 3 years ago I needed some sandals and found a gently used pair at the thrift store that were mostly rubber. I bought them with the idea of soaking them and cleaning them up really well and since they were $7, if they only lasted a summer it would be worth it.

This is the third summer and they still fit me well, are very comfortable and will probably go a fourth or fifth summer.

Unfortunately, the sandals I bought at the department store for around $50 are not working out as well. I bought these with a gift card and wanted ones that looked sturdy, however I have found that either my feet were smaller at the time I bought them or they are stretching out too much because they fall off my feet constantly as I walk.

Based on this information, the black, thrift store sandals that were gently used are better than the tan sandals bought new last year. I got a better value from the thrift store sandals than from the department store sandals.

This both did and didn't surprise me. I am finding that clothes I have bought at the thrift store seem to last longer than ones I buy at the store. I buy good quality clothes at both places but it is the value that I get out of them.

If I buy a shirt at the thrift store that has a small tear for $4, I take it home and sew it up; no loss, I know what I bought. However, if I buy a new shirt at a store for $40 and it gets a tear in it, I feel I am not getting my money's worth, even if it was the same brand. I expect more from a shirt that costs $40 as opposed to $4.

This just makes my attitude toward thrift store value even more set in favor of checking them first before buying new.


  1. DW // Friday, July 10, 2009 5:31:00 PM  

    That's been my thought on register rewards and ECBs. It's not like I can hand them the coupon to pay for that purchase. I just think of them as nice coupons that can be used for future purchases ... better yet, nice coupons that can be rolled into more nice coupons, LOL!

  2. Dawn // Friday, July 10, 2009 7:46:00 PM  

    True - if you are a regular on Walgreens these are good, I'm just not a regular enough that these would be very effective.

  3. Betsy Bargain // Friday, July 10, 2009 11:41:00 PM  

    I'm very disappointed in Walgreen's new program also. It works ok if they have items that are "free" each week after the register rewards, because that way you can continue to roll them over. Some weeks they don't have any "free after register rewards" items, so I find myself searching for something I would need to buy anyway, that they have on sale at a good price. One week, I forget to use my rewards before they expired, so that really annoyed me. The old program was much better, because you could use the gift card any time without worrying about it expiring.

  4. Deals Hunt // Wednesday, September 09, 2009 3:43:00 AM  

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