We all know that there is the name brand or the private label option when buying foods.
Target has Archer Farms and Market Pantry
Wal-mart has Sam's choice and Great Value (plus many more)
Costco has Kirkland Signature
BJ Wholesale has Berkley & Jensen, Wellsley Farms and more
And then there are the myriad of grocery stores that have their own store brand along side the name brand items as well. 

I have no trouble with trying out a private label/store brand item when it comes to food and occasionally to non-food items, I am a willing participate since it doesn't always involve a lot of money. Though I'm pretty low on the satisfaction side with non-food items as quality is lacking in most items.

A couple days ago our lone 24" tv decided it wasn't going to work for us and it came time to replace it. And the hardest part was finding the right size and still keeping within our budget for a new tv but still having a good quality product.

In doing research I found that there are also a few private label/store brand options as well as the name brand tv sets that are familiar to us.
Best Buy has Insignia and Dynex
Wal-Mart has Ilo and Durabrand

Ultimately it came down to scouring the internet for people's reviews and balancing that information with what was on consumer report. The reviews were helpful because there was one tv that was a sure thing until reading the reviews made us change our mind because the tv speakers were considered poor by many people. But the same size tv and brand but a different model number had wonderful reviews.

Once we got that all done it came time to call around and see who had that exact model, how many and what their prices were. After about 3 solid days of research and calling and research we decided to go with a more popular brand and picked up a Vizio 37" that fit the room size, satisfied our feedback criteria and our budget.

The best part about taking the time to research before buying a large item is that there is no after purchase remorse, we made a decision with certain criteria in place and stuck to them. And I can't say enough about how important purchase feedback was to us in making this decision.


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