Lay Off Countdown - After hearing that a 3 month extension to the lay off was added, it was a definite sigh of relief and lifted some of the stress. But now that I am into those final 3 months and the stress of the unknown has crept back into my physical life. I battled against the stress by keeping my self busy, exercising and doing the best I can at planning. Some things I just won't know about until my last day of work. However, my plans are still underway about going back to school. I will update you as I move toward the door. So far nothing too exciting to talk about.

Shower Timer - In order to save water (hot water at that) I use a shower time and previously had it set to 15 minutes. Over the last year I have been at 8 minutes, sometimes getting out sooner than it goes off. I do occasionally stay longer, but rarely. With the same idea that food is only for fuel, I also have a new mindset that water is only for cleaning. Do what needs to be done and get out of the shower or bath. An Extra Bonus: I use the shower at work after my workouts to save on water/heat while I can for the next 10 weeks.

No Air Conditioning - I have had a couple of people ask me how the my No A.C challenge for 2010 is going and so far so good here in Colorado. We have had a few days that ran in the high 90's and touched 100 but it has been good knowing that so far since the challenge was posted May 26th, we have saved 32 dollars off of the electrical bill and haven't been uncomfortable yet.

I was surprised at how low the saving amount has been but it was pointed out we aren't into the 90 degree months here until late July. I'm still going to check out other areas that are sapping electricity to bring that down a bit more.

△  Speaking of thermostats, I was reading on the 'consumer reports' blog that the most comfortable setting for the thermostat was 78℉. Of course comfort is subjective, but if you think about the temperature at work, it is probably set at 78.

Some other items that peaked my curiosity this week:

How much does being lazy cost you? 'PDitF' mentions such items as oil changes, eating out, taxes and greeting cards. Personally, I am starting to do more creative greeting cards at home if an E-card isn't sufficient (You have been warned family!) and I already have been doing my own taxes through one of the free tax sites online for the last few years. I would like to change my own oil, but haven't yet. And eating out is a wonderful luxury I do enjoy while I can.

Effective Complaining over at 'Personal Finance Advice' goes over general information that I have discussed before when complaining to a company, but I am thinking it is worth repeating as I work in a type of complaint department and when people come up against a wall over the phone they need to take it to the next step up by writing the higher-ups, and you would want to be prepared.

△ My Infographic of the month is from the 'Mintlife' blog that offers how Wal-Mart is going green and how they aren't so green. I just find it interesting and since my part-time job is with them, I'm a little curious.

Finally, I'd like to thank 'Funny about Money' for including me in the Festival of Frugality for this last week.
Also 'My Journey to Millions' included a post of mine in the Carnival of Personal Finance. A thank you to both of them; these are always nice to read through and find a gem or two.


  1. techwriter // Sunday, July 11, 2010 12:22:00 PM  

    Out AC at work is set on 68! Some of the ladies at work wear Snuggies at their desk!

    Timing myself in the shower would be interesting. If I didn't shave or wash my hair it would certainly be quicker, but I'm not going to skip that!

    Good luck on your impending layoff! Things happen for a reason, so I hope you're making the best of it.