When the bathroom odor gets to be too much it is best to use something to freshen the air, so as not to stink out the next user. Flushing in mid-use gets to be costly over time, so not the wisest use of water. There are some alternatives though:

1. Perfume/Cologne spray
2. Air Freshener/deodorizer
3. Matches

Perfume/cologne is costly and a waste of a good smell. If you got the perfume/cologne as a gift and hate to waste, even though you don’t like it -then that could be useful. But then, why not just re-gift the item to someone else and save yourself a few dollars.

Air Fresheners aren’t a great idea if you are wanting to be Eco-friendly or don’t want to add to the waste in your house. Although they can be picked up for quite cheap with a coupon and a decent sale. However, how long do you hold the spray part down? That would determine the life of the can, causing cost per use to go up and make it less appealing.

Matchsticks are my favorite
. They are small, easy to use and very cheap. I can pick up four in a package for 50¢ and those last me quite a while in the bathroom. A nice bonus is that the matches I buy are made here in the US and help keep people employed. The best part, if the match doesn’t actually light, just smokes, it still works thanks to the sulfur that over-rides the smell. The downside is that having matches around children is a very bad idea.

You may also want to light a perfumed candle as you walk into the bathroom as well. Just remember to blow it out or you’ll run through candles quickly and that won’t be very cost effective.

What alternatives do you have that would be cheaper or more eco-friendly?

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