Natural ways to remove odors or cut down on them; because you don't want a face like this when you come into your home.

¦ Homemade Air freshener 1- Check your cupboard for clove oil, lemon extract, peppermint or vanilla extract. Soak a cotton ball with what you want to use and place it in a plastic bag or container with holes and place in the smelly room.
¦ Homemade Air freshener 2- Boil your orange or lemon peels in water and let stand. Bake some cookies,bread or brownies.

¦ Extra Teabags- Break open a teabag and pour the contents into the vacuum bag to make the house smell good. Best to do over the carpet so you can vacuum the mess {wink}

¦ Reduce smoker odor- Besides banning them to the garage or patio, also put some kitty litter or baking soda at the bottom of the ashtray to extinguish their cigar/cigarette in.

¦ Mildew in the Basement- If you don't have money for a de-humidifier, try activated charcoal (carbon) that can be bought at the pet store or home fix-up store.

¦ Fridge Smells- Besides cleaning out the fridge on a regular basis to rid yourself of unexpected science projects, also try activated charcoal in an open container- this works longer than baking soda

¦ Musty Suitcase - Before you use the suitcases to store last season's clothes, air it out.
-Leave open in the Sun
-Use a Fabric sheet
-Crumple up newspapers to absorb smell

¦ Urine Stains- Blot up (if still wet), clean with an enzyme based product, sprinkle on baking soda over the area and leave for an hour and vacuum up.

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  1. Susan // Friday, January 09, 2009 3:13:00 PM  

    These are fantastic tips that are not only frugal but environmentally friendly. Using natural products is insurance for our environment and leads to savings in your wallet, as well. It's a win-win!

  2. ~Dawn C // Wednesday, January 14, 2009 11:58:00 AM  

    Sometimes the more natural stuff works as good or better - even with a little arm grease