Use them, laugh at them or add your own thoughts in the comments below. Just use common sense and always test a teeny, tiny area first.

♠ To make aluminum doors look new, try scrubbing with a mixture of baking soda and water or scrub aluminum foil over the door to shine up the look try scrubbing with a mixture of baking soda and water or scrub aluminum foil over the door to shine up the look

♠ If you have an open balcony section, try weaving lawn chair webbing through the poles to reduce items or animals from falling through

Bleached out spots on a rug can be “colored” in with a non-toxic marking pen as close to the color as possible. (Always test a teeny tiny spot first)

♠ If you don’t have room for a bookshelf on a wall, try setting up some shelves around a window or a doorway

♠ Add a drop or two of citronella oil to a bucket of paint to keep away bugs while painting

Clean a saw with oven cleaner to get rid of gummy build up

♠ To cushion a door from slamming shut, glue an 1/8 inch of rubber to the stop.

I have heard that if you have a leak in the ceiling that is building up, drill a hole and let the water run out, then get it repaired, that way the leak doesn’t spread and damage more of the ceiling

Wrap a sponge around the paint brush handle and hold it on with a rubber band to reduce paint dripping to your hand.

♠ Draw a line on the paint can for how low the paint is in the can so you don’t have to guess or keep opening it up and drying it out.

♠ Make sure to fix leaky faucets. A faucet dripping once a minute, (60x an hour) will cause you to lose 11 gallons of water a month.

♣ If you can't fix right away and the dripping is driving you nuts- tie a string onto the faucet for the water to run down to the sink.

♠ Try attaching items to walls with a hot glue gun, to remove just heat the glue enough to detach. Try a test area inside a closet first. Also use common sense for how much weight you can hang.

♠ Nailing into wallpaper- first cut a section and bend it back then nail into the wall. Once you remove the nail, you can glue the wallpaper back over the hole.

♠ An alternative to wd-40 for squeaky doors, try petroleum jelly instead. This will also cut down on drips to carpet or wood.

♠ For trouble seeing keyholes when you are trying to unlock a door, try painting it with luminous paint so you aren’t fumbling with it.

♠ When painting outside steps, sprinkle a bit of fine sand on the steps before they dry to cut down on slipping

♠ Cover hands and face with a thin layer of petroleum jelly, this way paint flecks will wash off easier at the end of the day

♠ Grouping hanging photos- Lay it out on the floor first, paper the size of your wall and draw around your pictures where you want them, then tack up the paper and nail in the picture frames in their respective locations and tear the paper off behind it.

♠ Before you tear down an item to fix it, take a picture first to see how it looked when it was all together.

♠ Remove tape from surfaces by heating it with a hair dryer

♠ Cut an X into a tennis ball and put it on the end of a hammer head for a temporary mallet

♠ Use your kid’s skateboard to sit or lay on when you paint or clean base boards,

♠ Wrap sand paper around a deck of cards if you don’t have a block of wood handy

♠ Clean the area you are going to sand with a rag dampened with rubbing alcohol to cut down on the dust

♠ Drive a nail into plaster, then remove and plug the hole with steel wool, then push the nail back in for it to stay

♠ Sharpen scissors on 220 grit sandpaper

♠ Instead of using a flat-head screwdriver to open a stuck window, try a sharpened pizza cutter, running it along the groove

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