Coupon - a ticket or document that can be exchanged for a financial discount or rebate when purchasing a product.

This would include cents off, money back rebates, buy one get one, online promo codes and others. Most everyone reading this uses coupons in some capacity. This means that most everyone can say, "Yes, I use coupons." But still there remains some myths about coupons that continue through years.

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#1 Coupons are for processed or junk food only
Yes, these coupons do exist, but some of the non-processed food you will find will be for frozen vegetables, canned fruit and vegetables, yogurt, bagged salad and occasionally fresh fruit (pineapples) and poultry (holidays). And if you look over the coupons that show up in a Sunday paper you will find a great quantity of coupons for cleaning supplies, air fresheners, cosmetics and health aids.

#2 Money saved isn't worth the time
The money you save is going to depend on how you use the coupon. Does the store double coupons? More money saved. Is the item on sale already? More money saved. Do you have a store coupon and a manufacturer coupon? More money saved. Are you buying a smaller size, thus a smaller price? Item closer to free.

Typically, just walking into a store and picking up what you need can save you up to 25%, but with coupons, sales, size bought and doubling you can push that savings up to 50- 80% or more. On a $50 grocery bill that is an extra 12.50-40.00 in savings. Now is it worth the time?

#3 Coupons are hard to use
When you read articles about women who bought $219 worth of food for 14.38, it can seem like too much effort or overwhelming. That is why every coupon shopper starts with just printing out the coupons they know they will use. If they already buy that brand of yogurt, then the coupon gets cut and set aside. 2 seconds of time for 40 cents saved.

The other part is just getting into a habit of having the coupons around to use. Well, consider them as cash, would you leave your wallet at home? Keep your coupons near your purse or wallet and toss in the car as you go to work on Monday. Coupons are the jelly to your peanut butter wallet.

#4 Stores don't accept my coupons
First, make sure they are legit coupons as many items that are for free (packs of soda pop, bags of chips) are not. But most all stores allow you to speak to the manager on duty about the coupon. If in doubt, check the store's website for their coupon policy before you head out.

#5 Generic is cheaper than coupons any day
Brand name items are quite expensive, however, when you add a manufacturer coupon and if you have a store coupon for that brand name item, it can be much less than the generic or store brand. Occasionally, the generic item will be cheaper when you include the sales and coupons for the brand name item, but only by pennies. This is where personal taste and value come in.

#6 Coupons save very little money
True, you won't become a millionaire on 35 cent coupons. But it can be worth your while to look for rebates to computer software ($20-$50), discounts on travel expenses (over $50) and online promo codes can drop the price of a winter coat from $115 to $55 with free shipping. That's money you can bank.


  1. Anonymous // Wednesday, September 22, 2010 2:45:00 PM  

    Love the picture. Don't know of too many people interested in conditioning Placenta. After the baby is born, not many hang on to it...

    Even if that coupon is doubled, I'd probably still pass.

  2. Dawn // Wednesday, September 22, 2010 2:47:00 PM  

    For some though, if it has a coupon and makes it almost free.. they'll try it. I would have to pass myself.