I originally wrote the post 25 ways I save money a few years ago as a way to remind myself that I'm not doing too bad. I thought I would see how those 25 ways are implemented today, if at all, and add a few.

1. Change light bulbs to CFL bulbs to save money

2. Use Heat and Air Conditioning sparingly - it is easier to use less heat, because there are blankets and layers that can be added. So I'm better at this than with the air conditioning. However with the AC challenge this year, it was a success and saved $98 over summer months.

3. Using sunlight instead of lights in the house as much as possible

4. Unplug items that aren't in use, especially the tv set at night - this continues to be an ongoing fight to make into a habit and one I haven't been winning.

5. Keep razorblades dry and clean so that they last longer - most blades last almost 3 months. Not a lot of money saved, but I don't like the electric ones.

6. Write checks for over the amount instead of using an ATM with fees - I don't remember the last time I wrote a check at a store.

7. Use containers to store left over food for eating later
8. Turn off all lights when not in a room

9. Leave the car at home at least one day out of the week - This didn't work for the last 6 months due to job scheduling, but with the lay off next month, it will be easier to do

10. Borrow books/videos from the library instead of buying them

11. Use coupons and check grocery circulars to get the best deals - This continues but I rarely by a paper or use coupons in general and when I need coupons I print them out.

12. Cook meals at home, cutting back on eating out - Using the slow cooker more to cut down on electricity and clean up.

13. Take lunch to work

14. Watch movies at home instead of in the theater

15. Wash clothes every at most once a week.

16. Wash clothes in cold water to save on heat - This is an ongoing issue in the house, when I catch it I will switch the temperature control, but I don't always catch it.

17. Every 6-12 months, verify I am getting the best deal on insurance and credit card rates

18. Stopped all subscriptions to magazines

19. Buy foods in bulk or when items are on clearance and save in pantry and freezer- We have been building up the pantry and freezer for the upcoming winter and future layoff.

20. Pick up money from the ground and from vending machines, save in a coin jar - I have been taking most of this money to work with me to buy silver coins that I come across, well worth the 3 seconds to grab the money!

21. Round up in check book and place excess in savings at end of the month

22. Go to free events around town - Zoo, art museum, etc. - With my heavy work schedule the last 6 months, this has drastically been cut down, but will be doing more of this in the future.

23. Put raises or bonuses in savings or apply towards debt

24. Do research online for best value for money on medium to large priced items - looking for promo codes or % back deals

25. When I go out to eat, make sure I bring half of the food home for a nice lunch for work the next day and only drink water while dining.

flickr/cc - Jesslee Cuizon
The other ways I save money now:
  • I eat a large breakfast (cheaper) to eat less throughout the day.
  • Use work place discounts on phone service, car insurance and others
  • Used plastic over windows in the winter and door draft guards
  • Buy generic medicines, foods and cleaners when possible
  • Buy clothes from 2nd hand stores
  • Shopped around for a better (and cheaper) car repair person to keep the car in good condition
  • Paying off debt with high interest rates
  • Negotiate with the Cable company at the end of promotions
  • Pay insurance up front instead of monthly
  • Try to stay home as much as possible
  • Pay bills online or over the phone, rarely using stamps
  • Cut our own hair at home (with good and bad results)
  • Check the clearance/dented food area at the grocery store
  • Use Mypoints.com for gift cards when enough points are saved
  • Enjoy those things in life that are all around us and free.