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The most common resolution for the new year relates to body image. Either people want to exercise more, eat healthier or reduce weight (which is a mix of the two). Another top ten is to reduce debt or save money. Did you know you can put these two resolutions together?

There is a way to both reduce debt/save money while also changing your body and here are my suggestions on just how to do that with links to previous posts I have written on them.

Remove soda pop from your diet - Not only can you lose at-least 15 pounds over the course of a year, but you can save money on dental bills as well as the money that originally went towards buying soda. Some ways to reduce your intake:
1. Gradually drop in amount, cutting in half what you drink each 2-3 weeks.
2. Replace with carbonated water, tea or coffee
3. Drink a cup of water before you open a bottle of soda. You may not want it then.
4. Each time you want a bottle of soda, remind yourself of the negatives (money, health)

Reduce your portion sizes - This is one I am working on still. It is amazing how full you can get on 1/2 cup of ice cream if you eat it slow, knowing that the amount in front of you is all you get. The financial advantage to reduced portion sizes is that now that 2 pounds of Pot Roast can last you longer than 2 days and you don't feel you need to buy them as often, thus saving money on groceries.

Eating at home - Speaking of portion sizes, the plates of food given at most restaurants is amazingly large; we've all "rolled out" of our seats after eating too much. Staying home allows you to keep tabs on the amount of food you eat while saving money per plate. There are quite a few sites online where you can make the food at home that are offered in restaurants at a fraction of the cost. By googling {restaurant recipes} for a list of sites with copycat recipes, you can make your favorite dishes or breakfast platters.

Find free exercise options - From running stairs on your lunch break to parking the farthest at the grocery store to using the library or the internet for exercise ideas. Bodyweight exercises are considered one of the hot trends for this year and the awesome part of that means you don't needs any equipment except your body and what is already around your house!

If you enjoy the idea of getting out of the house there are some cheaper exercise options and then there is also the decision about whether gym membership is worth the cost. After going the free way and the cheaper way, I have found that paying money for a membership gets my fat ass to working out more often than going the cheap or free route, since I have nothing to lose. But to each their own.

Get sleep to save money - It helps you fight sickness, it keeps you less stressed, it reduces health-care costs and when you sleep you aren't eating and thus, you lose weight. Win, Win and Win! Best way to make yourself go to bed earlier - get a routine for yourself and set an alarm so you don't forget. If going to bed after the news is best for you, find a news program that is on an hour earlier so you can head to bed earlier. 

Just remember that resolutions are a new start and will take time to kick in. Don't look at it as a restriction or diet but as a new lifestyle for yourself. In 10 years your future self can look back on today and be thankful that you are healthier and saved money in the process.

What ways can you think of to both reduce weight while saving money?

added infographic update: Want to save money?  Start by losing weight!


  1. Kimberly // Thursday, December 30, 2010 7:50:00 AM  

    Eat more fresh fruits and veggies. People think they're more expensive, but the quality you get (and the nutritional value) is actually a money saver in the end because of savings on health care. And the best thing is, they're really NOT that expensive compared to a lot of the processed junk we throw in our grocery carts.

  2. shannonmarye // Thursday, December 30, 2010 9:06:00 AM  

    I like doing dance cardio workout videos. I often get tired of them and want to to try new ones. So my new years resolution is to check them out at the library or get them on Nextflix and skip the gym this year.

  3. Dawn // Thursday, December 30, 2010 10:18:00 AM  

    I fully agree with you!

  4. Natalia Payroll // Friday, December 31, 2010 5:30:00 AM  

    I think, I'm gonna make it a green year. Plant vegetables and fruits at our backyard. In that way, I will save money because I don't need to buy that often and of course, I eat healthy.

    Natalia Payroll

  5. Philip // Saturday, January 01, 2011 2:02:00 PM  

    Great tips! I'm planning on doing several of these in the new year. Ironically, I'm sharing a guest post over at Consumerism Commentary next week that tackles this same subject: money and health. So many connections between the two.

  6. Jill // Sunday, January 02, 2011 10:53:00 AM  

    Great post as usual! Thanks.
    I like your resolutions. I'm focusing on the "doability" of mine this year and thinking back to successful resolutions of the past.
    The one that might reduce weight and save me money is to spend X amount of time outdoors every day. I've gotten too indoorsy even to the point of sometimes paying someone to mow my lawn. If I have to be outside I'll do that and I won't be inside snacking so I'll exercise, eat less and save money. We'll see if it works.
    Good luck in 2011!
    (I'm visiting your fair city this week and it's wonderful! We've gone bowling and to the zoo for not too much $$)

  7. Dawn // Sunday, January 02, 2011 3:35:00 PM  

    Just taking one day at a time. Each day we wake up is a new start at that resolution.
    I bet the zoo was pretty empty with people considering the cold weather.