For the holidays I received some new eau de toilette and realized that the ones sitting on my dresser had been there for over 3 years and I hadn't worn them in awhile. They smelled pretty good still and they still had over 25% of it left over (all the more reason to buy half an ounce at a time).
And by the way, it is suggested that you keep your eau de toilettes out of the bathroom and put it someplace that keeps at room temperature.

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A new perfume/cologne, but how to use the old one?
❈ Use as a room deodorizer (bathroom, bedroom, automobile)
❈ Spray into a new vacuum bag or emptied container
Ward off animals around your garden - Spray strips of material and hang around garden
❈ Hold onto them for a selling at a yard sale (keep them out of the sun though)
Spray onto your light bulbs - instead of paying $10 a piece, also spray when they are turned off.
❈ Spritz into the TP roll when changing - save $$ on scented rolls from Charmin
❈ Use in the drawer, closet or gym bag - spray a cotton ball and put a couple in the corners
❈ Take it to work and keep handy against those lunch smells

Homemade/Local Made
Let me start off by stating that store bought items are wonderful and I love to receive them. Now I will also say there is a special place in my heart for those items that have had extra sweat poured into them. (Not counting all the cool items handed down through the family)
I still have the king sized peach colored quilt my grandmother stitched for me in 1992. She was unsure how I would use it, and gave me a way to hang it up with a rod as well as sewing information about  the quilt, such as when it was made, by whom and who designed the patterns for it (my great grandmother and great, great grandmother).
Other items around the house that hold a special place in my heart:
✿ A melted bottle spoon holder
✿ Bottles of spices made from herb garden
✿ Many ceramic dishes and housewares made by a family member
✿ Jars of jelly, cookies and homemade breads
✿ Locally made organic Zkano socks (won a pair- no rule against being free)
✿ 8mm home movies put onto a dvd
✿ Homemade soaps that smell yummy

Organizing the Re-Gifts
This year I only re-gifted one item that I had been holding onto for a few months, it is my goal to re-gift at least one item a year and maybe more; but it isn't something I have control over.

There are just some gifts that don't work with our personality or interests. It is at those times you smile big (include the crinkle at your eyes for a genuine smile) and say "thank you very much!" Then you set the item aside and when you are alone, put a post-it note on the item with the name of the person who gave it to you so you don't accidentally give it back.

Keep a box or an easily accessible corner in the closet to put it away for that upcoming birthday or holiday where you can pull it out and wrap it for another person who will appreciate it more, thus saving yourself money and not wasting the money of the giver.
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6 Words of Wisdom on Re-gifting:
It's a Secret - Don't let the giver or the receiver know, unless you are certain they are ok with the idea of re-gifting.
Clean and Update it - Make sure the dust is cleaned off and any old wrapping is removed. Clean the past off and give it a new future.
Stay Away from Hand-me-downs - If I've seen you wear it around and I said I liked it, I really don't want it as a gift. Re-gifts should look like new. There are the occasional special situations, such as the family heirloom. But the bamboo cutting board should look new, not like you used it for last night's stir fry.
Keep Track - Like I said above, find a way to keep track of who the giver was, so that you don't give it back to them or their circle of friends and they recognize it again.
Sell it off - When you have no idea who to re-gift the item to, then sell it off to someone new and use the money towards your gift buying. Or even better, give it away to a charity and get a tax write-off receipt for it.
Re-gifting White Elephants - These are the same items you give back and forth to the same people over and over again. This is something that is mutually agreed upon. This would be a used book, or a bad brick of bread and so on.

What are some items you would NEVER re-gift?